DIY Mold Resistant Drywall

Carl, I bought drywall to keep mold away. The drywall is yellow on one side.Which side gets primed and painted? Todd

Hi Todd,

For the benefit of our readers, let me explain that you are referring to “Mold Resistant Drywall”.

I don’t normally recommend DIY (do-it-yourself) for drywall as it is a critical phase of construction that can “make or break” the look of quality in a home.
But, to answer your question, the white side needs to be out. If you look closely at the edges you will see a slight recess in the board. This is so you can mud and tape the joint and not have a bump at the joint. Don't forget, the recess side faces out.

Here are a couple of good animated videos on hanging and finishing drywall

Here is a Hanging Drywall Tutorial Video from Easy2DIY

And, here is a Taping Drywall Video from Easy2DIY

Here are some more tips from DensArmor Plus® panels by Georgia Pacific

Take your time and don't rush this critical job!
Good luck, Carl Heldmann,