Kit Homes and Package Homes

Summary: I have always found that the more you buy from one home building supply, the more you can save on building materials and service.

Home building suppliers are no different than most retailers. The more you buy from one, the better bargaining position you have for lower prices. These suppliers know right down to the last stud, how much opportunity they have to sell you that last stud.

Also, they know that if they give you a good deal on framing materials you are more apt to think of them for other building supplies they may carry, such as appliances, windows, roofing, etc.

I have found they often waive delivery fees not only for the large orders, but even for small orders or items that you forgot to order initially.
Kit Home companies and Package Home companies excel in the use of use these sales tools.

Kit homes or package homes are a good way to both save money and have a fairly accurate...READ MORE

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Building a Small House

How big is a small house? How much does it cost to build a small house?
A small house should not be confused with a "Tiny House".
It has Central Heat & AC, a fireplace, 2 large Porches, and a total living area of 800 sq. ft. The porches make the house look much larger.
A well designed small house can be quite comfortable.
As an auxiliary unit, this is an excellent plan. It would do well as a primary home too.
So, how much will it cost to build this...READ MORE

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