Subcontractor Job Specifications

From: Missy
Carl, where can I get a list of job specifications for each (sub)contractor.


Hi Missy,
Great question!

Each house and/or remodel job will have different specifications (specs) for each subcontractor.

It will be your job to determine what these specs are. Your house plan should have the basic specs included. Then you, along with your home plan designer, or each sub, and even a consultant from a building materials supplier can refine these specs.

It’s not as hard as it may seem. Most all subs know what their job entails.

Everyone needs to be on the same page as to who will supply materials, and the square footage of a particular sub’s responsibility i.e., drywall, decks, countertops, tile, etc.

For example, the electrician, plumber, HVAC subs would need to know things like, extra receptacles, sinks, where you want heat registers, etc.

This is one of the many “behind the scene” jobs of a GC. It’s all part of the “shopping”.

One of the most important things to “nail down” is “what is NOT included in each subs contract or bid. Have the “NOT included” spelled out in writing.

I think you'll also find Chapter 6, "Subcontractors" a big help.

Here are three spec forms from, “Getting Started”:

1.The overall specifications

2.Carpentry contract

3.Other subcontractors contract

Have fun, shop well,