SIP's Shopping

From: Lori

"We want to build a SIPs construction home so I signed up to find out about SIPs construction. I now have lots of information from many companies and don't know how to determine which one is better than the others.
Do you have any recommendations? Is there one thing I should look for over another? Thanks for your help."

Hi Lori,
Look for the company (manufacturer) that’s the most helpful. Perhaps they can help in finding an experienced crew for you.

It helps if a crew has SIPs experience. Watch the new video I just put up on my SIPs page on, or click on the picture below and you’ll see that experience with SIPs is important.(Read the text from the NAHB on SIPs on my web site too)

Also the manufacturer should be one that has a competitive price, and has either a house plan you like, or will manufacture the SIPS for a house plan of your own.

You should feel comfortable with their representative(s) and they should be very helpful and answer any and all questions. (Remember my motto: “There are NO stupid questions, just stupid answers”)

Other than that, it’s just “shopping”.

Have fun and good luck,