Suppliers are Competitive

From: Ryan E.

We are in the early stages of building our next home (the daydreaming stage). Have you found the super centers (Home Depot and Lowe’s) to be competitive in price for supplies?"

Hi Ryan,
Sure they are competitive. Be sure you approach the "contractor sales" department for either store (or any supplier for that matter), for you are now a General Contractor (Congratulations!). Retail sales vs. contractor sales are two different worlds.

When you approach the “contractor sales” department, be sure you ask for your “builders’ discount”. That doesn’t mean there will necessarily an extra discount, as the “builders cost” may already be figured in all pricing for the “contractor sales” department.
It doesn’t hurt to try for more.
Be sure to read my chapter on “Building Materials Suppliers” in my book or on my web site.

Good Luck,Carl