Bad Credit-Construction Loans

Summary: Good people with bad credit can find solutions for homeowner loans and home mortgage loan needs. Poor credit is not a problem forever.

Carl, I have gone down the road of debt and have gotten myself in a lot of trouble. I no longer have the credit for a construction loan, or any loan.

Is it possible with an above average job, and a lot of extra time to build a house out of your pocket? I.E. pay cash for site prep, save, pay cash for foundation, save, etc.

Thank you!!

Hi Jason,

It is almost impossible to build a new home “out of pocket”. It is also almost impossible to get a mortgage with bad credit and unfortunately while they are secured loans, construction loans are mortgages. So, what I would do if I were you is…read the rest HERE.

(A house left unprotected & exposed to the elements)
Carl Heldmann