Where Are Gas Lines in a House?

Carl, I'm curious.....I understand that with my home, a slab, my water lines are in the slab. But, where are my interior gas lines running in the walls?

Fortunately, I DON"T have a gas leak! However, does the gas company have a way to actually locate a specific damaged gas line within a house wall?

Do builders place gas lines pretty much the same in every home? Do you know? Thanks much, Nancy

Hi Nancy, houses are built “to code”. All builders, even owner/builders, must comply with codes and make sure that their subcontractors do too.Code compliance is enforced by the local “Building Inspection Department.

If a house is built on a foundation or crawl space, the gas pipe line is run from the meter to the basement or craw space and distributed to the necessary equipment as shown.

On the inside of a home, black steel piping is used for the gas line, which is run by the plumbers exactly like the plumbing drains and vents

If a house is built on a slab, as your is, and you have a Natural Gas cook-top in a center island in your kitchen, the gas line may be run under the slab as per code.

I am sure your local gas company (or supplier) would be glad to send a service representative out to your house for a further exploration and explanation of your question.
Carl Heldmann