Cost to Build in MO

Hi Carl,
We have land in Missouri & would like to build a house. We are thinking
about building a rectangular 32 x 50 home. We would help with the building.

Could you please give us an estimate of the cost?
We have been trying to find the price per sq. ft. but haven't been able to do so.
Thanks for your help in advance, Jon

Hi Jon,

I have a “Cost to Build in Missouri” on under “Cost to Build by State”.

The estimated approximate cost to build a 2461 sq. ft., 2 story traditional house in the St. Louis area is $93.06 per sq. ft.

This estimate is for a 2 story house, unfinished basement and a 2 car garage which is less cost per sq. ft. than a 1 story (Ranch) of the same size, but it will give you some insight.

Until you get your house plans in one hand and a spreadsheet in the other and march down the “estimating road”, calling on subcontractors, and building suppliers, you won’t have an accurate one.

However, the rough estimates can tell you if you are in the “Ballpark”.
Good luck, Carl Heldmann,