Installing Bullnose Corners

"Hi Carl,

I have a 45 year old home that I would like to update. It currently has 90 degree corners. I see that the bullnose pieces have flanges to secure to the frame.

Do I need to remove the old drywall or can the bullnose piece be placed directly over the existing corner and then mudded, taped and sanded to finish?

Thank you!


Hi Kellie,

The bullnose corners are nailed (over the drywall) through their facing with finish nails and then countersink the nails, fill, sand, and stain or paint.

You’ll have to first remove your current baseboard to trim it off to accommodate the bullnose corners, then nail up the corners, then reinstall the (trimmed) baseboard.

Here’s a video from easy2DIY that shows you how to remove, trim, and replace your baseboard and shoe mold.

Click on picture for video

The bullnose corners are designed to be a little taller and thicker than your current base board to make trimming a breeze and make the corners stand out.

Photo courtesy of Distinctive Woodcraft West

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