Calculator Estimating Cost to Build Very High

"My husband and I have purchased land, picked our a house plan, and most of
what will go into it. There are some prices we don't have yet, as most of
the builders we have talked to can't nail down a per sq ft cost to build.
The calculator on your web site is estimating very high.

A builder has told us $150 per sq ft, which also seems high for where we live and comparable home built in the past couple years. Is there a better way to determine what the estimated sq ft cost would be?

Hi Michele,
Use “Quality Class” numbers 5 or 6 on the “Cost to Build Calculator” that is found on my “Getting Started” page when just trying to determine the basic cost to build your own home.

Most homes with features that fall in class 4, 5 or 6 are "spec" homes, built for sale to the public from stock plans. You can upgrade as you wish based on your budget.

It shouldn’t cost $150 if you are building a home comparable to your neighbors.
Let me know if that doesn’t help.