Doing Your Own Labor & Material "Take-offs"

"Thanks for your website, it's a great help. I also found another that's helpful, It lists exact labor and materials cost for each state.

Hi Madelyn,
Actually, I have “” on my “Roof Trusses” page.” Scroll down and you’ll see “Note: For those who like to play with calculators, here’s a nifty roof truss calculator Get-A

Get-a-quote” is from the same great people who provide the “Cost to Build” calculator found on my “Getting Started” page, Craftsman Book Company.

My philosophy is let the building material suppliers who bid, supply, and deliver the building materials do the material take offs. Besides saving you hours of time, their material list will be more accurate than yours. Get-a quote is good, but not as good as you’ll get from a human expert with your blueprints in hand.

If they deliver too much, you’ll get free returns, too little, free delivery of additional materials. If you provide the “take off”, you often can’t return unused materials, and/or, you’ll pay extra for extra deliveries.

As for labor, labor estimates can only be considered accurate if they are from local subcontractors who bid according to the local job market.

As I always say, there are a lot of free "helpers" out there who will make your hob of being the General Contractor easier. ..use them!

Thanks for your compliment and for writing,