Building a Cabin

How can I figure a sq ft cost of materials for an Adirondack cabin which will not be heated or electrified, but will have running water. It will not be insulated and I will build it myself…probably 1500 sq ft., maybe less. I have the lot all set. Thanks,

The “Rustic Haven” from House Plans and More

B.P., hope it doesn't get too cold where you plan to build, but here’s what you can do.

Go to my “Getting Started” page and on resource # 5, run the “Cost to Build Calculator” for your plan based on your zip code.

After you get the total cost to build estimate, subtract (take out) every cost listed on the estimate you don’t want, need, or plan to “do it yourself”.

You can transpose the costs you do want to keep, i.e. materials, etc., and using one of my FREE spreadsheets, come up with your own stripped down cost to build.

Your local building inspection department may put the “Kibosh” on your idea.
Carl Heldmann,