Walkout Basement Great Way to Build

”Hi Carl, Loved your website and would really value opinion regarding a lot we
bought in Southern Indiana.

The lot is on a slope, and the soil is clay.
We are planning a walk out basement but are worried about the clay soil and
foundation problems in the future. Some home owners in the village have had
to pay costly amounts for foundation repair because of the
clay soil. Any tips on what to do initially to save money and aggravation in
the future.

Hi Christine,
Thank you for your kind comments.
Walkout basements not only give you great habitable space, but are the easiest foundations to properly waterproof and, more importantly, drain runoff water.

I have built dozens of homes on clay soil with no problems. It’s all in "doing it right".
You should definitely have a soil analysis done too to see if Pre-construction piers will be needed.

An independent structural engineer can help guide you and relieve your worries in this most critical phase of construction.

Christine, you show an alertness to potential problems that will help you be a great General Contractor.
Good luck,
Carl Heldmann, byoh.com