Be the General Contractor

Carl, I am looking to build a custom home. We recently built a custom home
with a builder and it was a horrible experience.

The home we are building (see below), is very detailed. I am a project manager in IT and think I can tackle this job, but the architect tells me I am in for a world of
trouble if I do (I read your eBook and other book).

I planned on hiring a builder as a consultant to look over my shoulder.

With that being said, and given the market conditions, is it possible to have a builder, build my house for almost the same price as if I did it myself?

I want to save money, but at the same time, I do not want to go through all the headaches from the last build.

You are on the right track and have excellent credentials as a project manager to be your own General Contractor.

Using a Consultant is not a bad idea, but complex homes require better subcontractors, not necessarily better General Contractors. That plan is a beautiful home by the way.

Perhaps your headaches on your previous custom home were caused by having to work through a third party, the General Contractor.

I don't know, but think about it.

No General Contractor I know, including me, would deliver a finished house at the same price it would cost an owner builder...why would they?

Good luck,
Carl Heldmann
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