Home Foundation Problems

Hi Carl , We are building a house with a General Contractor/builder on a cost plus basis. The footings and foundation are in. We went to look at it and it doesn't look right on the walk out wall at the corners. There is lumber stuck up under the foundation. The builder says this is how all walkout foundations look. I have pictures of it, but don't know how I can send them in this format. We don't know what to think? Can you help?Thanks, Ruth

Hi Ruth,
You shouldn't have to deal with house foundation problems on a new home, especially if you are paying an experienced  general contractor to build the house.

Look at the photos on this page of my web site, walkout basement and see if your house foundation is similar.
You can attach your photos to me using my return email address...Carl

Carl, Thank you for your willingness to look at these. Our foundation isn't as far along as the ones in your pictures. They haven't back filled yet. I attached several pictures; some are a little blurry, because we got caught in a rain storm taking them. Ruth

Ruth, this photo is amazing!

Call the building inspection department immediately.
Have them come out and "write up" what appears to be from the photos, a flagrant building code violation.

If the building inspector can't help you, get a lawyer that specializes in real estate and construction law.
Keep me posted.
Good luck, Carl

Hi Carl, This is just sickening. They had already back filled by the time the city got there. The city looked at the photos and is making them dig it up. I don't know what the fix will be. The maddening thing is that we called this to there attention and they down played it. I hope this doesn't end up costing us more money. I so appreciate your quick reply.

If it wasn't for your help we may have just taken there word for it and may have had a mess down the road. We chose to have help building our home because we have 3 little ones and my husband travels a lot, but now I am wondering if we should have just done it ourselves.
Blessings, Ruth

Ruth, you are doing great. And here is a list of New Construction Inspections
Keep me posted.
Carl Heldmann, byoh.com