Percentages of Total Home Building Cost

Hi Carl,
I was wondering if there is a percentage of the total home cost that should
be applied it allowances for carpet, kitchen, lighting and so forth.

I thought it would be interesting to have an idea of a percentage breakdown
before hiring a General Contractor.
Can you offer any information or guidance.
I appreciate your time.

Hi Betsy,

Below is a quote from Cost Estimating Explained where you will find the rest of your answer:

In the example below, you will notice a (suggested) percentage after each category. These represent typical percentages of a total home building budget. Percentages are NOT “cast in stone”. You may spend less for that category, or you may spend more.

All the cost categories and percentages add up to 100%, so if you spend more than the indicated percentage for one category, you try to spend less in another. It’s up to you as the general Contractor to “shop till you drop” to keep it all in balance. Scroll down and you will see the percentages...continued.
Good luck and thanks for writing,
Carl Heldmann,