Adding a Rear Door Entrance to Your House

Hello Mr. Moore, how are you? I would like to create an entrance to my backyard from my living room because I can only get there through my basement at the moment. As a result, I would have to remove my windows and install a sliding glass door and a patio with steps that lead to the backyard.

The problem is that the patio would be directly over the basement steps so it would now be impassable. How could I remedy the situation so that I can access the backyard from both the basement and the living room?Dawn”


It sounds like you've got a difficult situation. It's difficult to comment without seeing pictures and floor plans, but here goes.

If your patio is a raised wood deck, you could frame a hinged hatchway over the basement stairs. If your patio will be built on grade from brick or stone, perhaps you could install a single glass door with a narrower set of stairs down to the patio, beside the basement stairs.

Hope this helps,
David Moore, AIAOriginal Home Plans