Builder Risk Insurance

"Carl, As an owner/builder and acting as my own general contractor, I will want to hire some guys to help me build my deck, put up siding, maybe frame a few walls.

I will have builders risk home insurance as recommended on your website and required by my bank, but my insurance man says to only hire insured licensed subcontractors and people.

He says I need to sign a contract with each person that I hire, like the general labor to help me with my deck.

I asked him if I could have each person sign a waiver, and he backed off from
any advice saying he is not a lawyer.

Have you advice on this? If I have to hire a licensed contractor for every
little job assisting me, the price is going way up. However, I don't want to
be overly exposed to the risk of a liability lawsuit.

I would appreciate your thoughts,


Certificate of Insurance (For a larger sample in a PDF file, click here)

Read the info on this page carefully.

Here are some of the "highlights":
"Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a home, building an addition, or just hiring someone to do some kind of general labor on your property on the weekend be absolutely sure that they are all insured....Anyone you hire to do anything needs to be insured BEFORE they set foot on your property....If a worker is injured on the job, on your property, and they are not insured, they can come “after you” for money. "

Carl Heldmann,