Finding a Home Designer : Ask the Architect

“I live in Springfield, Missouri. I have two lots on 6.9 acres. One lot is wooded and the other one is not wooded.

I drew myself a plan of a house using punch home software. I will be ready to build within a couple of years from now.

I plan on drilling a well in the near future. In proximity to my land I have power line and a natural gas line.

I understand I have to secure building loan, but before that what should I prepare?
Should I go ahead and find an architect to give my house plan and ask him to draw the detailed building plan or should I wait?

I would appreciate your advice – Joseph”


You will need final plans before securing your loan. As you point out, you can take your scheme to a local architect or home designer and ask them to draft a final set of plans. Alternatively, you can search the internet for a set of pre-drawn home plans that meets your requirements.

There are lots of good sites out there. is my website and offers a selection of traditional designs you can customize online.

Good luck with your project,
David Moore, AIA
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