How to Get General Contractor License

"I would like to get my General Contractors license but, I don’t know where to start.

I bought a book to study but I still am lost on just where to start.

I would hate to spend the money to take the exam just to have forgot something small but important. If there is anyway you could break down the steps from the beginning to end for me, you would be helping me to reach my goal

Thanks, David.

P.S. I have years of punch list/remodeling/handyman work under my belt."

Hi David,

I think you are worried about nothing. It sounds like you are almost ready to take that test.

Take note that the tests I have taken, and the tests that some of my readers have taken usually consists of 50% state laws, rules and regulations and 50% practical knowledge of home building and construction.

The 1st part will probably be a breeze for you, based on your work experience.

The 2nd part, state laws and rules and regulations, will test you on things you will probably never need to know, or so it seems.

That’s the part of the test, the boring part that most people screw up on.

If your book doesn’t cover your state laws, rules and regulations, find one that does.

You might want to entertain taking a one day or weekend study class or seminar, if they are available for your state and are held within a reasonable distance.

I have found, as have many other people that these classes (Usually about $100) teach you the test, or in other words, are focused entirely on the exam you are going to be taking. Most offer some sort of guarantee that you will pass or don’t pay, or if you don’t pass you can take the class again for free, etc.

Google, “(your state) builder exam seminars”, or check out the following references:

Contractor License Exam

American Contractors Exam Services

Contractors License Reference Site

You might also want to read my web page “Getting a Contractors State License
Best of luck,
Carl Heldmann,