Concrete Foundation Repair

"We have a two story house in northern part of Kansas City, Missouri. Our frost depth here is 36 inches.

When we stand outside our house, we see the footing of the house.

How would that affect our house?

Well Lee, you have a problem due either to soil erosion or bad construction.

If not corrected, when the ground freezes and expands (due to freezing) it (the ground) could lift the footing and crack it, as well as anything above the footing, such as foundation walls.

You didn’t say how long this situation has existed or how long you have owned the house, but this needs to be corrected ASAP.

Footings with "On Grade" Slab
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I would check for evidence of the footing or foundation cracking due to the ground “heaving” due to freezing weather.

Your local Building Inspection Department could easily take a look for you. There should be no charge for this or a very nominal one at the most.

You could also hire a professional Home Inspector for a few hundred dollars.

If you just bought the house, perhaps remedy could be sought from the seller for both the inspections and for the concrete footing repair.

If there is no damage (yet) you should have the grade (dirt) raised to where the top of the footing is 36” or more below the finished grade.

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Good luck. Let me know how you make out
Carl Heldmann