What Is a McMansion? (Neo-Colonial House)

"Does anyone ever address the neo-colonial house. We have one that was built early 70's and have to figure out something to do with the front. It’s horrible and lacks the symmetry of the colonial.


I'm not sure exactly what you mean by neo-colonial, but I certainly agree with you that there's plenty of bad architecture out there. It has often amazed me that builders, developers, and even some architects can make such a mess out of a relatively simple house.

Original Home Plans is a website which I created to respond to this problem.The site has dozens of handsome and classic Colonial designs which are straightforward and affordable to build. Take a look at the site; maybe you'll find some ideas.

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David Moore, AIA
Original Home Plans

Note: David Moore is a purist. I am too. ”Neocolonial is a Neoeclectic style, borrowing details from many different styles and historic periods. Often they are called McMansions.”McMansion” is a derogatory term for a large, showy Neoeclectic home, usually built without the guidance of an architect.” Source: About.com:Architecture

Colonial windows, a Queen Anne turret, and a hint of classical columns
combine in this Neoeclectic home.
Photo © Jackie Craven

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