Foundation Cracking

Carl, about 8 years ago I had my foundation stabilized because of cracks.

I finally figured out that they raised the foundation up to high.

I would like to know if it’s possible to have this same company lower the foundation.

Why? Because there are cracks that appeared after the job was done that weren't there before. And, the counter tops were never the same.

In short, part of the house has a .05 degree to 1 degree list towards the front since it was pushed up from the back.

There is a life time warranty.

I realize that if I don't have this corrected I will probably not be able to sell the house.

Hi T.J.
I certainly would start by calling the company that stabilized your foundation 8 years ago. If they are a credible firm, they will investigate the situation and if what you describe is correct, make it right.

Image courtesy of Saber

If they deny culpability, you may have to get a second opinion from another foundation contractor, which may cost a few hundred dollars.

Then you can take legal action if necessary. If nothing else, the threat of hauling a “public opinion sensitive” subcontractor through small claims court might produce action.

All that said and done, it occurred to me that what might have happened is that the front of the house met the same fate as the back did.

This makes sense as the soil conditions for any dwelling usually exist for the whole “footprint” of the house.

When they jacked up the rear, it put tremendous forces on the front and hastened its’ sinking.

At any rate, yes, you will have to get it fixed before you sell.

At the minimum, if allowed by law, you would have to disclose the problem and take a loss.

But with a “lifetime warranty”, you should be covered.

Good luck,
Carl Heldmann,
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