Finding Contractors

Hi Carl,

In 1997 I embarked upon building my own house when I moved from Virginia to Wyoming by myself.

Your book was recommended by a General Contractor and it has been my rock.

I was a project manager on my home and then built a home for my mother when she moved out here. Now I am adding a major addition for my brother and it is great.

I have indeed saved at least 25% if not more.

Another piece of advice I received was to have all the subs to my house for dinner before breaking ground where we can all talk about the project.

People in the industry do not realize how valuable this is. When I find the best contractors I keep them and they take care of me!

Thank you for your help and inspiration.
Hi Rhonda,
Thank you for your kind comments and taking the time to write.

I loved your dinner idea, it's a great one.

That's one reason why, out of many I'm sure, you succeeded in your building endeavors.

Take care,
Carl Heldmann,