Masonry Framing or Wood Framing


What is the difference between masonry framing and wood framing to construct a house?

On, it lists masonry frame not wood frame (using
2 by 4, etc). If there is any difference, which is better?
Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt, good question!

You are referring of course, to the "Quality Classes" found on the cost to build calculator.

The pictures below show the difference between wood frame construction using a wood stud wall vs. masonry construction using a masonry block wall. Both walls utilize a stucco exterior finish.

Which is better is hard to say as everyone has different opinions about various building products.

There are many pros and cons of both wood-framed and solid-masonry wall construction for a house.

Masonry walls are common in parts of the hot and humid environment, especially southern Florida. Masonry walls may be finished with stucco, wood, or other claddings

A big drawback of masonry construction is the lack of flexibility in design. Locating windows and doors in the structure as well as placing electrical outlets, is more difficult than with stud walls. And, masonry walls cost more.

However, your choice of building materials should be influenced by aesthetics and the local environment as well as cost.

Images courtesy of The International Masonry Institute

Good luck,
Carl Heldmann