Time Required to Build Your Own House

Hi Carl,

I'm a graphic designer and art director who just had a baby and is considering spending the next year building our dream home instead of going back to work. I've been looking at your web site and I had some questions for you:

1) We probably won’t be able to afford something large enough for the family we plan to have in the next few years so I was wondering about the prospect of designing a planned extension into the house...maybe a second story or just more rooms that are planned for but not built right away.

How would this work as far as permitting and designing go? Would I have our architect make 2 sets of plans? Would we get both approved now?

2) If in fact I can save 25% then I can actually afford to not work in the 1st year or 2 of our new baby's life.

However, I’m wondering if the new full time job of being the General Contractor and building the house would be flexible enough for me to work around the baby's schedule (sometimes).

Is this actually possible? I do have childcare some of the time, but would like to be with baby most of the time.

Thanks for your time! Your web site and book are a *great* resource for me! Andaleeb

Hi Andaleeb,

You have two questions, the most important of which is probably “How much of your time is this going to take?”

That question is on everyone’s mind when they first look into being their own general contractor. In fact, it’s one of the FAQ’s on byoh.com.

Carl Heldmann, byoh.com