Advantages of Buying Land in a Development

Hello Carl!

Thank you for all your wonderful resources! We are in the process of buying a lot to build our first home on so it's nice to have a resource like this where all my questions can be answered in one place!

I have one question regarding a boring test. I read the response you gave Rob C. in the question titled "Buying Land Tips - Soil Analysis."

You mentioned that you need a boring test if you're in an area where there is not much development around. We have found a lot in a cul-de-sac with a house to the left, the right, and at the back. Is a boring test still necessary?

There is also a high water table on this lot since it is across from a lake, how will that affect our plans to dig a basement?

Thank you for your website and all your help!

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Hi Melissa,

A basement in an area of high water tables is often called an indoor swimming pool. That's a (bad) joke.

But seriously, unless the lot slopes enough to build a walkout basement

As for the boring test, it's probably either been done or a geotechnical investigation may have been done by the subdivision developer.

One of the (many) benefits of buying a lot in a development is that all the expensive and often exhausting “development” work; surveys, geological surveys or geotechnical investigations, topographical maps, roads, sidewalks, water or well analysis, sewer or septic perk tests, electric, gas, cable, etc. has been done for you.

That's how subdivisions get approved by the state and local authorities.

So, a building soil analysis for the entire development should be on file.

If not, the seller should pay for one for your lot because the presence of a high water table and nearby lake makes me suspect of the solidity of the subsoil.

I would want one.
Carl Heldmann,
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