Cost of Stucco Repair

Mr. Heldmann,

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I just got a quote of $400.00 to repair the stucco and repaint it for approximately 30 sq ft of my front wall.

The scope of the job includes removing, re-applying, and repainting the stucco.

I just wanted to know if this is a reasonable price for this scope of work.

Your opinion is appreciated.

Thank you,

Kim W.

Hi Kim,

According to U.S. Inspect , Residential Home Inspection Services, with offices in the Phoenix area, “Cost of stucco repairs are subject to the amount of repairs needed, the age of the stucco and the difficulty of the job.

The range should start at a minimum of $300 for anything up to about 50 SF, plus about $5 per SF for the next 300 SF. As the amount of repairs increases, the SF cost should stabilize or decrease a little. New stucco should cost approximately $3.50 to $4.00 per SF.”

So Kim, $400 is sort of reasonable as small repair jobs cost more (per sq ft) than large jobs.

Most contractors have a minimum charge and/or a charge for a service call.

That’s part of what drives the “do it yourself” market.

Get a couple of more bids.

Be sure you get and check references.

Be sure your contractor carries liability insurance and workman’s comp for his employees.

Good luck,