Clay Tile Roof

My wife and I are planning our new house, and hope to start construction in
Sept. We both really like the Mediterranean/Florida style homes.

We want to incorporate a clay tile roof.

I have heard they are very heavy and the framing needs to be beefed up, but I
can’t find info on how.
Is it by using 2x6 studs instead of 2x4’s?? Or is it in the roof decking?

Thanks, I have learned so much from your site.


Clay Tile of Sonoma Photograph by John Mazurek

Hi Dave,

Thanks. I hope that one of the most important things you have learned from my site (and books) is that I always, and I preach that you should always, consult with experts over important matters such as structural matters.

So I forwarded your question to my friend, architect David Moore, AIA, and here is what he has to say about your question:


You are correct that masonry tile roofs are relatively heavy and may require beefed up framing. Roof tiles can be made from clay or concrete and weigh between 8 and 18 pounds per square foot. This is significantly more than asphalt shingles which weigh around 2 pounds per square foot.

Your roof framing and roof sheathing must be designed to support the added dead load of these materials.

You also mentioned using larger wall studs, but standard 2x4 studs at 16" on center should be OK.

First, you must select a specific tile product and find out how much it weighs. Then, talk to an engineer or other design professional for specific framing recommendations.

Good luck with your project,
David Moore"

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