How to Hire a Builder

Hi Carl,

Finding your website was very helpful.

I'm relocating to Wisconsin next year, and have begun to look at planned neighborhoods in Waukesha County.

Do you have any advice or reading material for someone working with a developer/builder of an already-planned neighborhood?

This would be my first experience with new construction though I'm not able to manage the whole process myself.

Thanks very much,

Hi Laura,

You pose a very good question, one that I have not addressed.

Having a good home builder and good communications with that builder can make building a new home an exciting and wonderful experience.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has information on how to Find Builders, Remodelers, & Related Providers.

I plan to write an article expanding and adding to this information as well as changing the perspective a bit for your benefit as well as the benefit of others who will be buying a new home from a builder or builder/developer.

For now, I will just add my favorite caveat:

“Get everything in writing, and I mean everything! Trust no one's memory, not even your own.”

So, thanks for writing and asking a very important question.

Best of luck in your new home,