Construction Cost Estimating Confusion


I wandered into your website today. Very impressive. I started digging into things and found a couple of things I couldn't understand.

First, on your Cost Estimating Explained page, you mention that after each category on the spreadsheet will be a percentage. I don't see percentage on the spreadsheet after any of the categories.

Second, on the link for Cost to Build a House in Tucson Arizona, the spreadsheet has criteria, for example, Number of Corners, Foundation Quality Class (#6), Windows and Door Quality Class (#4), etc. I'm not sure where or how
to input this information into the spreadsheet provided.

Can you help point me in the right direction? Thanks.


Hi Tony,

I can see clearly how those sentences can be misinterpreted. Thanks!

I changed the wording on the "Cost Estimating Explained" page to make the sentences clearer.

Here are the changes I made in the wording (scroll down the page):
You will notice a percentage after each category. This represents a percentage of your total building budget. The percentage is NOT “cast in stone”.

In the example below, you will notice a (suggested) percentage after each category. These represent typical percentages of a total building budget. Percentages are NOT “cast in stone”.

So Tony, the percentages do not actually appear on the spreadsheet, only in the example because they are just suggested percentages and they are not “cast in stone”

As for your second question, the criteria referred to is explained in the sentence above the criteria, where it states: This estimate used the following criteria in the “Residential Building Cost Calculator” found on my “Getting Started” page.

The spreadsheet referred to in the Cost to Build a House in Tucson AZ is the spreadsheet that you will receive (get) from the calculator after completing all the questions on the calculator.

Thanks for writing and I hope I've been able to help.

Carl Heldmann