New Home Construction Budget - Percent of Completion

What percentage of a home construction budget is used by the time the home reaches rough inspection for plumbing and electric?

Would that be about 25 percent of the total budget?


Hi Mara,

Normally, with a house that I am building, construction is closer to 50% complete at that stage.

On my page “Cost estimating Explained” you will find typical (suggested) percentages of a home building budget for each category of construction. (Scroll down)

And, as I point out on "Paying Your Subcontractors (scroll down)" plumbers and electricians usually get 60 percent of the total contract price when their rough-in work has been completed and inspected.

Normally, when you obtain new home financing your construction lender will have a physical inspection made of your home building project to determine the percentage of completion of construction and be willing to disburse (approximately) an equal percentage of your new home building budget.

However, if you have no construction lender, if you are paying for the construction of your new home with your own money, you should use the same criteria that construction lenders use to pay contractors and subcontractors.

Rough-in plumbing and rough-in electric. Inspections are needed when this step is complete.

Keep in mind that all these percentages are approximate and used as guidelines.

You might also want to read "Building a House Step by Step". You are on step 11.

Good luck,
Carl Heldmann