Construction Bids Too High

Summary: Construction Bids or contractor bids for a new house or remodeling can vary tremendously. Bids for construction can vary by hundreds or thousands of dollars for the same house.

The cost to build or remodel is determined not only by size, but by design and quality as well.

Getting bids from contractors and subcontractors for construction of new homes or remodeling is one of the most frustrating parts of any construction project.

On new construction a range of $100 to $400 per sq. ft. for the same size house is possible!
For example, on the hypothetical cost breakdown shown below, one might use $4,031 for installed flooring , $2,984 for installed appliances, $2,293 for windows (installation labor is normally included in Rough Carpentry)....continued.
Construction Cost Estimate for a Santa Rosa CA home
Carl Heldmann