House Size vs. Lot Size

We are looking to buy an irregular, triangularly shaped lot consisting of 6,098 square feet, or .14 of an acre (43,560 sq ft x 0.14 = 6,098).

I’m trying to find if we can build a 4500+/- sq.ft. home with a 3 car garage.

Will it fit?

Can you please help?

Thanks, Su

Here are the steps you can take to answer your question:

1. Get a scale map of the property from the Realtor or the town's tax assessor.
2. Go to the town zoning department to find out what zoning setbacks apply to the lot and draw the setbacks to scale on the plot plan.
Survey showing proposed house, easements, and setbacks.
3. Find a floor plan on the Internet for a house similar to what you want to build.
4. Re-size the floor plan to match the scale of your plot plan (using a copier or a simple image editor like "Paint"), cut out the floor plan, and lay it over your site plan.

If your house fits, the lot may still not be large enough due to additional zoning restrictions, so make sure you ask the zoning department about all of their requirements.

On my website,, you can find many 2-story Colonial and Cape home designs meeting your requirements, but there are many other home plan sites to choose from.

David Moore
Original Home Plans