When Is An Architect Required?

Dear Mr. Moore,

When is it required to have an architect stamp drawings?

I heard it was a residential project less then 3000SF but not exceeding two stories.

Is this true? If not where can I find the answer to this simple question?
Thank you,



Rules which regulate architectural and engineering services are made by each state.

In Connecticut, where I practice, the Department of Consumer Protection is responsible for these rules, but your state may be different.

I would search on-line for "Architectural Practice Regulations" followed by your state's name.

David Moore
Original Home Plans

PS. From Carl:
Camia, as an added footnote, call the building inspection department where you plan to build and ask them what their blue print (home plan) requirements are.

Ask them point blank if an architect's seal is required on the plans.

Also ask them if an engineer's seal is required.

Sometimes a separate truss plan is required with an engineer's seal, even if the trusses come from a truss company that has its own engineers. (You can't fight city hall)…Read the rest.