Cost of Home Addition Plans

Hi David,

I'm planning on doing a home addition and I'll be searching for a local architect
to help with the design and draw plans for me.

I have the original set of architectural plans for my home and I think this will save some time (and money) to get a new set of plans created.

I'm thinking of an approx.1500 sq ft. addition to my ranch style home.

It is important to me that the addition doesn't look like something that is tacked on and I would like to add a little character.

I'm open to the architect’s suggestions and creativity.

If I come prepared to answer the following such as setbacks, home owners
association building restrictions and city restrictions, this would probably
save some costs to the plans in that we don't go through iteration after
iteration to the design plan and save him/her from having to investigate that

The architects’ time is probably what I'll be paying for so is there a general cost per sq.ft. for home addition plans?

I've been told plans cost on average $1/sq. foot so a 1500 sq. foot addition will run about $1500.

Comments would be appreciated.


You seem to have a good grasp of what's required to get your project underway and as an architect, I'm especially glad to hear that you're open to”suggestions and creativity".

Remodeling projects can require a surprising amount of creativity to solve the puzzle of combining your budget and space requirements with your home's existing layout and style in an attractive and cost effective manner.

I'd definitely expect to pay more than $1/square foot for a decent architect. It's possible to charge by the square foot for new construction where there are few existing constraints, but I charge by the hour for remodels since there are so many unknowns and potential variables.

Even with a set of plans for the existing house, I'd expect the design cost to be at least twice what you're planning on.

Good luck with your project.

David Moore, AIA

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