How Much Does It Cost To Build A Modular Home

Summary: Modular homes generally cost less to build than a stick built new home.

Carl, In your section on Modular Homes you answered a question asked by "Jodi". In your answer at the very end you said, "Try to use similar quality components. You can run as many variations as you want. I think you’ll find the modular less expensive. "

I am asking the same thing but with one crucial point in mind.

Is your answer based on a modular compared to a stick built by a General Contractor other than yourself? Or are you referring to building a home and being your OWN contractor compared to a modular?


Hi Michelle,
Good question! In my answer to Jodi, I was referring to a site built or stick built house by a General Contractor.

It takes a bit of work to compare "apples to apples" the rest.

And sure and read Modular Homes vs. Stick Built.
Thanks for your question and taking the time to write.
Carl Heldmann