Cost to Build Calculator

Hi Carl,

Using the cost to build estimator on your web site, the results just seem way too high.

When I enter in a 2500 sq ft house as plain as can be; 4 corners, no garage, no fireplace, no attic, no porches, and standard quality everything – basically a plain box of a house, the estimated cost WITHOUT land and contractor markup is $300,000!

This is in ZIP 76227, Texas, not an expensive place to live...Mark

Hi Mark,

Using your input information on the cost to build calculator, I come up with a cost of building new house in zip code 76227 of $168,582…not $300,000!

This is only a rough estimate of the cost to build a 2500 square foot, one level new home, in Fort Worth, TX, including a general contractor’s markup of $19,385 and including central heat and central A/C. "Standard quality" is a nebulous term, meaning different things to...continued.

Carl Heldmann