Sample Construction Contracts

Summary: Always use a written contract when hiring contractors and subcontractors.

 Hi Carl,

I recently bought your book and am excited to get started.

Would you be able to refer me to a good source of agreement templates I can use for the necessary contracts with subcontractors, etc, including the basic waiver of liability, etc… Thanks, Lynn

Hi Lynn,

I have a few sample contracts and forms on my Getting Started page.

Here they are: 3 Contracts to BuildCarpentry Labor ContractSubcontractor Contract,Checklist for Buying LandDescription of Materials (Building Specifications)Full Waiver of lien, & Partial Waiver of lien.

I've used them, but you may (should) want to run them by your Real Estate/Construction Attorney.

I'm not familiar with what a waiver of liability is.

Perhaps you meant waiver of lien.

If so, there are samples of those provided too.

Thanks for buying my book!

Carl Heldmann,

Carl, Awesome, this is great.

Thanks for writing the book. The information is great to have, even if we end up going with a General Contractor. God bless you!