General Contracting-Time Involved


I may be a little biased as I am a General Contractor, but one of the reasons your type of book sells is that consumers believe they can save money easily.

There is nothing easy about building a house.

Calculate how much your time is worth, multiply that by a year of your life and compare that to the cost of a General Contractor.

If it pencils out and you live for the challenge, enjoy.


Hey George, I think you’re right on the money!

There are no free lunches. You will earn your money when you act as the General Contractor on your own new home. I’ve always said that...but, no hammers need be lifted.

The money one earns by acting as their own General Contractor can equal one whole year of their current income, yet it’s a part time job done in their spare time!!

One needs to "pencil out" what their spare time is worth.

Thanks for writing,


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