Basement Egress Doors

"Hi Carl,
I need to know where to start with making an entrance to my basement from the back yard.

I live in a rambler style home that sits quite high in the ground.

Where do I start. Who do I look for to do the construction?

Hi Kim,
Approximately how high above grade (ground) is the top of the basement wall in the area you want an entrance?

"Hi Carl,
Approx 4.5 to 5 feet from ground level to the basement ceiling.
Thanks in advance!

Well Kim,

The easiest and probably the best way to add an entrance is to contact a company that specializes in adding basement ingress/egress doors.

That way you can get expert ideas as to where to install and the crews to do a turn key job.

Photo courtesy of Wellcraft Egress Systems •1.888.812.9545

Your idea is a great one. Read my web page on "Walkout Basement".

Once you have legal ingress and egress to basement space, all other things equal, any basement remodeling you do can give you increased (legal) habitable living space at a low price.

Good luck,