Log Home Construction

Carl, Have you any experience with log home construction cost? And if so, how it may relate to conventional construction cost and time.

Thanks in advance, Randy

Hi Randy,
Yes, I have experience with log homes and log home construction.There is a lot to learn about log homes, their cost, styles, and species of wood, as well as different construction techniques.

One could write a book on all this and I did.

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You’ll find that log homes are either “full log” construction or “log sided” construction. Log sided homes look like real log homes but cost about the same as conventional homes because they are, they have siding made of log” slabs” instead of other types of siding.

Full log homes can vary in cost tremendously depending on log thickness and length, species of wood, and whether they are built using stacked log wall construction, or “post & beam” construction.

There’s a lot more to consider so I recommend reading up on log homes as much as you can as well as talking to dealers and manufacturers.

Full log Homes are a bit more expensive to buy and build, but you are getting solid wood walls that are probably the best insulated walls available, as wood is the best insulating material known to man (all those tiny air cells).

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Good luck,
Carl Heldmann