Precast Concrete Panels

Summary: Precast concrete foundation and wall panels are precast and cured in a controlled factory environment so weather delays can be avoided. A panelized foundation can be installed in any climate in much less time than a formed or poured concrete wall.

I read your book and it was extremely helpful....I hope.

I guess the proof will be in the final finished house which I am just beginning.

I am getting conflicting options and I value yours so I thought I'd ask.

I am building a basement home into a hillside.

It will have12 feet high walls and I am trying to decide between poured concrete walls or Superior Walls (Precast Concrete Panels).

Superior Walls have no footings.The panels are placed on packed clean gravel.

Please advise!



Precast Concrete Panels need to be designed and detailed for the specific job, for connections, bracing, reinforcement, and openings before fabrication.

Installers need to be trained and some manufacturers only allow certified installers to deliver and erect their systems.

Since you are "new" to home building, you should investigate all building products thoroughly. It's fun!

Start with my Precast Concrete Walls.

Good luck with your project,
Carl Heldmann