Getting a Copy of My House Plan

"Where do I get my blue prints. Ryland built my home and it caught fire and I need to rebuild. I have had no luck getting them from them Ryland.


I would try Ryland again; they must have your plans. You can also try your local Building Department. If your home was built recently, they should also have a copy of the plans on file.

You may want to check your purchase agreement and your deed for restrictions about rebuilding. Carl Heldmann has informed me that Ryland usually has total control in their developments as to who can build or rebuild and strictly enforces the copyrights on their home plans.

Good luck,
David Moore, AIA
Original Home Plans

Note: Elena, if you have trouble locating your copy of your deed restrictions (most people do) you should be able to get a copy, based on the legal description of your lot, from your county Register of Deeds office.
Carl Heldmann,