Builders Risk Insurance

"I am going to be acting as my own General Contractor here in the next couple of months and I am trying to get the builders risk insurance, but most of the firms I am looking at require a minimum of 2 years experience.
Are there any insurance firms that you know of that don't have this requirement, or are there any other solutions?

Hi Ross, Builders Risk Insurance is another name for Fire Insurance, or Hazzard Insurance.

Houses are subject to many different risks while under construction. They may catch fire, be damaged by high winds, vandalism, (& sometimes theft), or other extraordinary events or circumstance beyond your control.

Builder's risk insurance protects against some of these losses. Read "Construction InsuranceBuilders Risk".

Builders Risk actually has nothing to do with the builder (General Contractor).

I have never heard of any insurance agent requiring anyone to have experience for a Builders Risk policy.

For Liability insurance, yes, experience is necessary but you aren't trying to get Liability Insurance (are you?).

Certificate of Insurance (For a larger sample in a PDF file, click here)

Acting as your own general Contractor however, anyone you hire to do anything on your property needs to be insured for both general liability and workman’s compensation. Read "Home Building - Subcontractor Insurance"

Keep trying,
Carl Heldmann,