Cost to Build a Duplex

I am a navy veteran and my family and I grew up in a small town in N.C.
We are in the process of building a 3 bedroom two bath Duplex and plan to live in one unit and rent out the other.

The General Contractor I spoke with mentioned that he would charge $ 65.00 a sq. ft to build it, minus, toilets, cabinets sinks and etc.
Since I am not currently in the area, I was wondering if this is a good price.The plan is for a simple 2200 sq foot one level Bldg.

Hi Jim, if the builder (General Contractor) is going to turnkey a house for you for $65 per sq ft, minus the items you listed, I'd say it sounds pretty good.

You can check and see for yourself, by using the “Cost to Build Calculator” found in my “Getting Started” page (#5). The calculator is not designed to estimate a duplex, but all you have to do in you case is double the cost of the fixtures and other “stuff” you are buying as your Builder is turn keying the job. Use the lowest “Quality Class” on the calculator for your zip code. You should come real close to his numbers.

Get references on this guy and check them out. That should be easier to do in a small town vs. a larger city.

Good luck, Carl Heldmann,