Property Easements - Surveys

"Carl, I'm building my own home; however, I have to have my water meter placed
in the neighbor’s yard; graciously they gave me permission to do so.

My question, I was told I need an easement agreement. Is this necessary? If
so, where could I find one without paying an attorney to obtain it?

Survey showing easements

Hi Dana,
I asked my Title insurance Expert and friend to weigh in on this matter.
Here's his reply:

"Carl, I would have Dana go back to the city/township and see if they can help with the legal description and possibly help Dana with preparing the easement document for the neighbor to sign to grant the proper easement for the water meter that the city is putting or has put in the neighbors yard.

If they are unable or unwilling, then I would check into the Title Company or companies that Dana or the neighbor have used and see if they can help with the document.

Dana may have to contact a surveyor in order to get an accurate description and then contact the title companies for help with the actual document in the preparation of it and then the execution of it and finally the recording of it to make it of public record.

It seems a little odd that the meter would be on the neighbors yard so that is why I would start with the city/township first and then Dana needs to take care of this issue before the neighbor becomes "not so gracious."

Good Luck,

Ken Wisniski"