Buying Land to Build a Home

Dear Mr. Heldmann,

Your book, Be Your Own Contractor, appears to have one blatant write "Is it a buildable lot?".......So, you're saying that I should retain an architect, land surveyor, etc. I'm obviously missing something here, and your book does not appear to explain it. Chris

Hi Chris,

 Lots or building sites in general, even acreage, are deemed not buildable for any of the following reasons:
• Unsuitable for a septic system
• Water tables have been proven to be unsuitable
• NO water available
• Inadequate road frontage
• Too steep for safe construction
• In a flood plain
• Too small to qualify for a home site
• Possible endangered species habitat
• Zoning may not allow a residence there
• Been used as a toxic dump site at one time
• There may be some mineral deposit there that is hazardous, such as asbestos, radon, etc.

Buying land is one of the...continued

Carl Heldmann,