Wood-Burning Fireplace or Stove - Dumbwaiter Too


My husband Mike and I are going to build our own house next year. We have plans drawn by a designer, that are almost done.

There will be 3 floors. We are thinking of having a daylight basement (for rental, to offset construction costs), a gas fireplace, and on the middle (main) floor (our floor) installing a wood-burning fireplace/stove to save energy.

Do you have any info or recommendations about wood-burning fireplaces, and where & how to find a cheap wood fireplace?

We live in Seattle, and must meet WA EPA codes of 4.5 grams emission for non-catalytic and 2.5 grams for catalytic...

Also, we reserved space for a dumbwaiter (small 30"x30" elevator) throughout 3 floors. Do you have any recommendations or watch-outs for it?

Appreciate your reply! Joy

Hi Joy,

Here is a great information site on wood burners from HPBA.

Courtesy of: HPBA

The dumbwaiters.com site offers a kit and easy to understand installation advice.

Courtesy of: dumbwaiters.com

Both sites have videos.
For information on gas fireplaces, including an installation video, read my page on "Gas Fireplaces" on byoh.com.
Good luck,
Carl Heldmann