Ranch House Design

A member of the architecture committee has determined that the home we want to build is a European/Med. style. I think that it falls under the ranch style which is one of the approved types.

What do you think? Is the house in the below considered a ranch style home?



Courtesy of Architectural Design


The "ranch" house may be the most common house type in the United States, but also one of the least well defined. The primary characteristic is a single story form, but the footprint can be simple and rectangular or rambling and irregular.

Ranch houses have low pitched roofs, generally in the 3:12 range; most but not all have large overhangs. The architectural style tends towards modern, but the detailing may be simple and ordinary.

Unfortunately, I concur with the architecture committee in regards to the plan you selected. The roof pitch is too high and the detailing is too distinctive to qualify this as a ranch house.

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David Moore, AIA
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